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Kasarmikatu 36
00130, Helsinki
Email : info@newborn.fi


We founded the company Newborn Ventures in 2014 when we noticed the increase in repair shops popping up all across Europe and Africa.
We knew the used parts had value especially the LCDs from our previous ventures dealing with used mobile phones. Since then, we've been providing a recycling program for the mobile phone industry and have rapidly expanded to meet the increased demand.
Over the past year, Newborn Ventures has been providing business owners with a sustainable solution to recycle broken mobile phone screens. We look to provide businesses with an additional source of cash flow, and we are chosen by many as the #1 Professional mobile Phone broken LCD recycling company in the world.


The days of tossing broken or cracked screens in the bin are long behind us. LCD screens have value, and we purchase your broken mobile phone LCD screens at very competitive prices. If any competitor is ever beating our prices, let us know and we will beat their prices 100% Guaranteed.
We currently circulate over 50,000 LCD screens on a monthly basis.
Not only is our service good for your wallet but it's also great for the environment.
We are proud to be providing this sustainable, profitable, and green solution to your mobile phone repair business!


We realise that the most valuable asset in your business is your time. We also realise that you, by yourself, probably do the work of three to four different employees on any given day. And, if you're like me, accounting is the least enjoyable of all the tasks, because it requires at least an hour of solid, uninterrupted work (which is very hard to make time for).
While we can't do your accounting for you, we can ensure you that your broken LCD screens become an asset to your business, and that they are a profitable stream of revenue for you now and into the future. We have customers who collect broken glass LCDs for a living and we are very proud to acknowledge that we can contribute to someone's livelihood.


Competitive, Honest Upfront Pricing – You get competitive pay-outs for your mobile phone LCDs, and you don't have to waste your time keeping up with the market. Plus, we don't pull the “Bait-n-Switch" quotes that most in our industry do. The price we quote you is the price we give you!

Easy, Responsive Communications – We're available via phone, text message, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat and e-mail. We get back to you as soon as we can. We'll absolutely respect your time and make sure we're available for you whenever you need us, and always give you a prompt response.

Convenient & Safe Payment Terms – Don't want to use PayPal? Prefer to be paid directly to your bank? No problem. Putting risk assessment aside, we offer many payment methods that allow you to be paid when and where you're most comfortable. You'll never be forced to wait weeks to get paid, and we typically show our commitment to you by offering some form of upfront payment. Payment can be made in any method you prefer.
Reliable, Trustworthy Reporting – Many of our customers voice concern over their buyers reporting, especially when their product has been sent without payment upfront. We'll make sure our procedure is transparent, consistent, and reliable. While “trust but verify" is a great motto, we prefer to save you the time associated with testing LCDs if it's not part of your standard process.
Unmatched Industry Knowledge & Experience – We are constantly staying on top of changes in the marketplace and strive to stay in-tune with your needs. Our insights have allowed us to successfully forecast market changes and allowed us to adjust to these changes, ensuring that we'll be a long-term solution for you for years to come. We truly want to become your “one-stop-shop" for all your mobile phone LCD recycling needs. You can count on us to buy back all your stock regardless of how small or large your supply may be!